Duel Carnival Day 3: Discovering that you can check the characters’ expressions in the profiles and that everyone has a blushing expression.
Seriously, where the hell is this supposed to be used? When he’s making fun of Yuma?

Duel Carnival Day 3: Discovering that you can check the characters’ expressions in the profiles and that everyone has a blushing expression.

Seriously, where the hell is this supposed to be used? When he’s making fun of Yuma?

I only finished the main game of AA:DD last week and am playing the DLC contents at the moment. The quiz is fun, especially when there are references to characters who didn’t appear in this game (Oldbag, Onyankopon, etc). But I was probably most surprised by this one:

Apollo: Prosecutors are our enemies in the courtroom, but…it’s not like they throw coffee at us.

Phoenix: …actually there was a prosecutor who threw coffee at me.

A…Godot reference?! I’m so happy he wasn’t forgotten.

While reading the latest chapters of the 3 Yu-Gi-Oh manga I realized just how much this series likes to use the sentence “An attack power of XY?!”. Seriously, all three of them say the same thing word by word right before they lose.

IV: An attack power of 6000!?

Rudger: An attack power of…10000…?

Heartland: An attack power of 3500!!

I expect Mr. Heartland say the same words in today’s episode too.

Bought this yesterday~!ヽ(^◇^*)/

Suddenly backstory!

Random post~

This is my 3rd day in Japan. I haven’t been to many places yet, but I bought a few things:


…well, yes, stuff related to Yu-Gi-Oh. The manga volumes were pretty cheap (the used ones cost 105 yen/volume).

Kawagoe has a nice shopping street, although it’s really crowded, so you usually don’t have time to stop and look around.

I’ve never noticed that Kamisama Hajimemashita’s model city was Kawagoe. No wonder I saw stuff like this there:


Some first impressions:

-the railways = maze

-yes, there are homeless people and beggars

-a lot of pachinko parlours (the Hokuto no Ken version seems to be popular at the moment

-it’s totally possible to have a conversation where you speak English and the Japanese person speaks Japanese. At least when ordering something at McDonald’s the guy didn’t seem to mind. Seriously, here’s a part of the conversation:

A (in English): I would like a Chocolate Shake.

B (in Japanese): Unfortunately we are out of that flavour.

A (in English): What other flavours do you have?

B (in Japanese): Vanilla and banana.

And somehow no one finds it strange that they can perfectly understand each other…^^;



Judai: Oh, so that’s what you look like in Zexal form!

Yugi: Judai-kun, you fusioned with Yubel, so it feels like the two of you have become one.

Judai: You’re like two people in one body, so it’s like a fusion too, Yugi-san.

Yusei: …

Yusei: Mo…moohii!

Judai: You don’t need to imitate the Crimson Dragon!

Yugi: You’re cool the way you are!


Judai: Overlay, huh? That sounds nice! You and Astral can really become one!

Yuma: N-no, it’s nothing compared to you, senpai!

Yuma: I mean you fusioned too, right, Judai-senpai?

Judai: I only went back to my original form. It suits you better, Yugi-san!

Yugi: N-no, it doesn’t!

Yugi/Judai/Yuma: Ugh!

Yusei: It’s okay, really. I have my D-Wheel. Please don’t worry about me.

[that certain sword]

Judai: W-wait, Yusei! Please don’t even think of fusioning with your bike!!

Posting this doujinshi because Gauche and Droite are appearing this week. Actually, I got this for Christmas, but I was too lazy to scan it. It isn’t cleaned, so you’ll have to do it if you’d like to use it for scanlation.

Title: Light Trap/Spider’s Web

Circle: ヒストリカ

Pairing: Gauche->Droite->Kaito (although Kaito only appears in Droite’s mind)


3 things I thought while watching this episode:

1) Yuma, you could have escaped sooner and in an easier way.

2) As soon as Yuma looked around I knew he would try the same thing as TK Bakura.

3) There are times when one shouldn’t wear purple lipstick.

Just posting the TL for those who are interested:

Page 1:
[I wanted to become a “good king”.]
Father: My son…
Father: As the one who will become the ruler of this island you can’t show your tears easily. Although you are young, you are a smart boy. You understand me, right?
[Like my father who died of an illness when I was still young.]
Father: Do whatever you feel right for this island.
Vector: …I understand.
[To become someone who can protect what was entrusted to him.]
[To become a “good king”.]
Man 1: Prince, please leave the politics to me, your regent!
Man 2: If the other island countries near us hear that our king has passed away they might attack us. I will take care of the strengthening of our forces.
?: Prince, you are still young. For now you should concentrate on learning how to rule this island.
Vector: According to what I’ve learned, there is a water source at the base of that mountain! If we dig it up and make a waterway we can make the lives of the people better!
?: …Prince.
Man 1: I am sorry to say this, but there are more urgent matters to discuss.
Man 2: He is right. We don’t even know whether that “water source” exists or not.
?: Well then, about raising the taxes…
Man 1: The prince sure is troublesome.
Man 2: He says stuff like that, but what would this palace gain by that?
Man 1: Moreover, what would a child like that know just by doing a bit of a research?
Man 2: He should just keep quiet and sit on the throne.
Man 1: It’s not like we could believe him. It’s just a waste of time and energy.
Vector: Don’t cry! Don’t cry! I can’t show my tears…
Regent: It’s alright to cry.
Vector: R-regent!
Regent: You are still young, but I am sure you will become a wise king just like your father. Until then I will support this country.
Regent: Please, trust me!

Page 2:
?: When the next new moon comes we’ll kill the prince.{“new moon” is “shingetsu”, but the kanji is different from the one in Rei’s name.}
Man 1: You will take over the palace from outside and I will do it from inside.
Man 2: I’ve heard that the prince is pretty sharp. Will it be okay?
Man 1: Don’t worry about it. He’s just a child who cries when he hears the cabinet ministers speak ill of him behind his back. It will be easier than breaking the neck of a newborn.
Vector: Regent…Were you planning to deceive me?
Regent: W-what are you talking about? I don’t know what you mean by that…
Vector: When I cut the commander of the rebel army a bit he told me everything right away. {Okay, the kanji for “cut” actually means “to kill”, but its hard to speak if you’re dead.}
Regent: N-no way…
Vector: Was he your friend? Did you trust him?
Vector: Too bad for you, isn’t it?
Vector: …Say…
Vector: Do you want me to forgive you?
Regant: …Pri…
Vector: Then I’ll forgive you…
Vector: By taking your life.
Vector: Take his head!
[BG: No! Stop! Noooo!]
[Vector: …That’s right.]
[Doubt them]
[Vector: I should have done this from the beginning.]
[Doubt them]
[Vector: If there is someone who is a little suspicious, just slaughter them.]
[Don’t believe]
[Vector: If I do that, only good things will remain.]

Page 3:
[Vector: Just like no one believed me.]
Vector: So he is the last one.
Vector: Look like there was no one I could trust.
Vector: But now every bad person has disappeared from this country.
?: Do you really think so?
Vector: Who is it?!
?: Did you really want to make this country a good one? Did you really want to become a “good king” like your father?
?: Can you say that you didn’t feel any joy at all by taking the lives of the people?
Vector: Where? Where are you?!
?: Say…
R!Vector: Can I trust myself?
Vector: …Ah. You’re right. Those who are suspicious need to be punished.

Page 4:
Vector: …ha
Vector: Hahahahahaha!
Vecror: Hyahahahahahahahahaha!
[sfx: stab]
Vector: Yuma-kun! Believe me!
Yuma: Got it!
(Vector: He’s so simple.)
Yuma: Shingetsu!
Yuma: I believe you!
[sfx: pain]
(Vector: …? What was that…?)
[It felt like something pierced my heart.]
Yuma: Hey, Shingetsu! That new route to school! If we don’t hurry we’ll be late!
Vector: Ah, okay!
Vector: Oh, well.
[sfx: lick]
[The plan is going well and the day to reveal my true self is near too. Well then…]
[Let’s do some bad things!]