Title: Unstoppable Feelings



Page 01:
Yuma: Kaito’s amazing after all!
Kotori: It was an amazing duel.
Yuma: I want to duel him again!
Kotori: Now that I think about it, even though a lot of things happened with Kaito and his family they were finally able to understand each other. Just like you wished…
Kotori: I’m sure they will become a happy family.
Kotori: Right? Yu…

Page 02:
Yuma: …huh?
Yuma: Whaaa?! Wha…w-w-what’s up with me?
Kotori: Yuma…
Yuma: My tears are falling…they…they just won’t stop…

Page 03:
Yuma: Kotori…?
Kotori: You…always save everyone.
Kotori: You’re happy when you see families who understand each other and can stay together…
Kotori: But in reality you are envious of them, aren’t you…?
Kotori: Somewhere in your heart…you want to meet your parents, don’t you…?

Page 04:
Kotori: Although you always put everyone before yourself…
Kotori: You want to be saved yourself…!
Kotori: Even though I know the pain in your heart I can’t save you…I’m sorry, Yuma…I’m sorry…

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